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Practical Insights for Busy Caregivers


Article Topic Date
Managing the toll of caregiver trauma 01/14/2019
Powerful Tools for Caregivers provides a safe space to learn and practise crucial skills 01/04/2019
3 steps to managing caregiving tensions within a stepfamily 12/17/2018
When friends drift away: staving off loneliness when caring for someone with dementia 12/10/2018
Big White Wall helps family caregivers break through their isolation 12/03/2018
Insights from family caregivers crucial to making system more responsive to their needs 11/26/2018
Many doctors don't trust caregivers, but here's why they should 11/19/2018
An ER doctor sees the health care system through a family caregiver’s eyes 11/12/2018
Advice from health care’s power users 11/05/2018
Strong sibling relationships can fracture under caregiving stress 10/29/2018
Finding your way in the health care system when you’re from a different culture 10/22/2018
4 insights from experienced caregivers 10/15/2018
Are you a helicopter child to your parents? 10/08/2018
My disliked mother-in-law may have dementia 10/01/2018
Failure to Launch group supports parents with adult children at home 09/21/2018
What's love got to do with It? When caring for a business and caregiving converge 09/17/2018
Most Canadian caregivers are paying too much tax. Here’s how to remedy that 09/10/2018
What a well-known therapist has learned from family caregivers 09/04/2018
How to handle criticism while caregiving 08/27/2018
“We're going back into the closet”: LGBTQ seniors wary of being “out” in long-term care facilities 08/20/2018
Making the most out of visits with a parent in long-term care 08/13/2018
Should safety take priority over independence for older parents? 08/07/2018
Why patients and family caregivers disregard referrals to community services 07/30/2018
What not to say to an isolated older adult 07/23/2018
What to do when caregiving finally ends 07/16/2018
Should you move to be closer to your aging parents? 07/10/2018
The medicalization of caregiving 07/03/2018
Mapping out the web of people who support you and the person you’re caring for 06/26/2018
Children with special needs who age out of the system 06/18/2018
Dementia Dialogue: learning hard-earned lessons from caregivers who’ve gone before you 06/11/2018
Four caregivers share survival tips 06/04/2018
Imaginative caregiving for the cancer patient 05/28/2018
The dueling caregivers 05/22/2018
Seasoned family caregivers share insights on looking after someone with dementia 05/14/2018
Caring for the caregiver in the emergency department 05/07/2018
Tips for long-distance caregivers 04/30/2018
Don’t think of yourself as a caregiver? Neither did Kyle. 04/23/2018
Family caregiving pearls of wisdom 04/17/2018
3 experienced caregivers provide their insights on what really helps 04/09/2018
Staying happy, active and connected while looking after someone with dementia 03/01/2018
How to get help as a family caregiver when you’re too overwhelmed to ask for it 02/11/2018
How to push for answers when talking with health service providers 01/22/2018
How to bounce back from a meltdown moment 12/18/2017
What’s your family’s limit when it comes to caregiving? 11/26/2017
Worried that a friend or relative receiving care is socially isolated? There’s an app for that 11/06/2017
How care coordinators can help you plan for your relative’s discharge from hospital 10/14/2017
3 issues people struggle with after moving a spouse into long-term care 09/25/2017
Guilt-busting: Pushing back against unreasonable caregiving expectations, including your own 08/04/2017
2 reasons caregivers hesitate to ask friends and neighbours for help 07/17/2017
When to make decisions for a relative with dementia… and when not to 06/25/2017
Don’t get left behind: Getting comfortable with computers as an older caregiver 06/04/2017
When caring for someone in mental health distress, focus on the person’s abilities 05/12/2017
Health service providers can help family caregivers more easily than they may think 05/05/2017
When planning for a death at home, be prepared to ask tough questions 04/24/2017
How to respond to challenging behaviours when caring for someone with dementia 04/03/2017
2 quick relaxation techniques for caregivers 03/13/2017
Caregiving is tough for professionals too 02/27/2017
Perspective is important when caring for an adult daughter with a disability 02/20/2017
“I couldn’t do it anymore” - Reaching your limit as a caregiver 02/13/2017
When you’re not heard as a caregiver, persist! 02/06/2017
Insisting you need to be involved in your relative’s care plan can be intimidating 01/30/2017
Stay alert to signs of depression 01/23/2017
Beware what your body is saying when caring for someone with dementia 01/16/2017
How to make a complaint that gets heard 01/09/2017
Caregiving doesn't have to make family tensions worse 12/17/2016
How to survive the holidays as a caregiver 12/12/2016
Consenting to treatment: Don’t assume you can make decisions for a relative 12/05/2016
Surviving a relative's return home from hospital 11/28/2016
What to do if you suspect someone is being abused 11/21/2016
Tips for handling trips to the emergency department 11/14/2016
What to do when Mom can’t tell you what her doctor said 11/07/2016
What to do when Dad becomes confused during a hospital stay 10/31/2016
Waiting to see a specialist 10/24/2016
The difficult transition from partner to caregiver 10/17/2016
Understanding caregiving from both sides 10/11/2016
Temporary caregiving is a glimpse of the future 10/03/2016
How an online support group for caregivers works 09/26/2016
The caregiver as advocate 09/19/2016
Why autonomy matters – a personal reflection 09/12/2016
How to see past the negative when helping someone with dementia 09/06/2016
Why caregiving is hard and what really helps 08/29/2016
Coping with conflicting emotions 08/22/2016
Getting advice and support from other caregivers 08/15/2016
A sister caregiver speaks out 08/08/2016
A caregiver’s allies in the work/life tug-of-war 08/03/2016
Caregiver-led group offers advice 07/11/2016
Innovative support for rural caregivers 07/04/2016
Coping with grief: a free expert resource 06/20/2016
Moves to support family caregivers in the United Kingdom 05/30/2016
Caring From a Distance 05/24/2016
Doing Things You Weren’t Trained To Do: A Caregiver’s Perspective 05/16/2016
Learning to look after yourself 05/09/2016
A Caregiver Speaks 05/02/2016
Changing the Narrative: How caregiving affects health 04/25/2016
Stroke Recovery Program Offers Education and Support to Caregivers and Survivors 04/11/2016
When it’s time for a breather: respite care for children with special needs 04/04/2016
Canine Caregivers: The role of dogs in a support system 03/28/2016
Marriages Strained When Couples Become Patient and Caregiver 03/07/2016
Stroke Resources Website Connects Caregivers With Support Services in Ontario 02/29/2016
The Caregiver's Bill of Rights 02/22/2016
Learning to Live with Heart Failure 02/16/2016
Dementia Friends – Raising Awareness and Offering Support 02/08/2016
Letting Go After a Lifetime Together 01/25/2016
First-hand insights into what it’s like to live with a medical condition 01/19/2016
Coping with Grief over the Holidays: Some Tips from an Expert 12/21/2015
The Caring Experience Project: Maciej Karpinski’s Story 12/07/2015
The Caring Experience Project: Donna's Story 11/30/2015
National Family Caregiver Day 04/06/2015
Feels like home at Sakura House Hospice 07/01/2013