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Practical Insights for Busy Caregivers


Article Topic Date
Don’t think of yourself as a caregiver? Neither did Kyle. 04/23/2018
Family caregiving pearls of wisdom 04/17/2018
3 experienced caregivers provide their insights on what really helps 04/09/2018
Experienced family caregivers share their wisdom 03/19/2018
Staying happy, active and connected while looking after someone with dementia 03/01/2018
How to get help as a family caregiver when you’re too overwhelmed to ask for it 02/11/2018
How to push for answers when talking with health service providers 01/22/2018
How to bounce back from a meltdown moment 12/18/2017
What’s your family’s limit when it comes to caregiving? 11/26/2017
Worried that a friend or relative receiving care is socially isolated? There’s an app for that 11/06/2017
How care coordinators can help you plan for your relative’s discharge from hospital 10/14/2017
3 issues people struggle with after moving a spouse into long-term care 09/25/2017
Guilt-busting: Pushing back against unreasonable caregiving expectations, including your own 08/04/2017
2 reasons caregivers hesitate to ask friends and neighbours for help 07/17/2017
When to make decisions for a relative with dementia… and when not to 06/25/2017
Don’t get left behind: Getting comfortable with computers as an older caregiver 06/04/2017
When caring for someone in mental health distress, focus on the person’s abilities 05/12/2017
Health service providers can help family caregivers more easily than they may think 05/05/2017
When planning for a death at home, be prepared to ask tough questions 04/24/2017
How to respond to challenging behaviours when caring for someone with dementia 04/03/2017
2 quick relaxation techniques for caregivers 03/13/2017
Caregiving is tough for professionals too 02/27/2017
Perspective is important when caring for an adult daughter with a disability 02/20/2017
“I couldn’t do it anymore” - Reaching your limit as a caregiver 02/13/2017
When you’re not heard as a caregiver, persist! 02/06/2017
Insisting you need to be involved in your relative’s care plan can be intimidating 01/30/2017
Stay alert to signs of depression 01/23/2017
Beware what your body is saying when caring for someone with dementia 01/16/2017
How to make a complaint that gets heard 01/09/2017
Caregiving doesn't have to make family tensions worse 12/17/2016
How to survive the holidays as a caregiver 12/12/2016
Consenting to treatment: Don’t assume you can make decisions for a relative 12/05/2016
Surviving a relative's return home from hospital 11/28/2016
What to do if you suspect someone is being abused 11/21/2016
Tips for handling trips to the emergency department 11/14/2016
What to do when Mom can’t tell you what her doctor said 11/07/2016
What to do when Dad becomes confused during a hospital stay 10/31/2016
Waiting to see a specialist 10/24/2016
The difficult transition from partner to caregiver 10/17/2016
Understanding caregiving from both sides 10/11/2016
Temporary caregiving is a glimpse of the future 10/03/2016
How an online support group for caregivers works 09/26/2016
The caregiver as advocate 09/19/2016
Why autonomy matters – a personal reflection 09/12/2016
How to see past the negative when helping someone with dementia 09/06/2016
Why caregiving is hard and what really helps 08/29/2016
Coping with conflicting emotions 08/22/2016
Getting advice and support from other caregivers 08/15/2016
A sister caregiver speaks out 08/08/2016
A caregiver’s allies in the work/life tug-of-war 08/03/2016
Caregiver-led group offers advice 07/11/2016
Innovative support for rural caregivers 07/04/2016
Why caregiving is hard and what really helps 06/27/2016
Coping with grief: a free expert resource 06/20/2016
Coping with Conflicting Emotions 06/13/2016
How to see past the negative when helping someone with dementia 06/06/2016
Moves to support family caregivers in the United Kingdom 05/30/2016
Caring From a Distance 05/24/2016
Doing Things You Weren’t Trained To Do: A Caregiver’s Perspective 05/16/2016
Learning to look after yourself 05/09/2016
A Caregiver Speaks 05/02/2016
Changing the Narrative: How caregiving affects health 04/25/2016
Getting Advice and Support from Other Caregivers 04/18/2016
Stroke Recovery Program Offers Education and Support to Caregivers and Survivors 04/11/2016
When it’s time for a breather: respite care for children with special needs 04/04/2016
Canine Caregivers: The role of dogs in a support system 03/28/2016
A Sister Caregiver Speaks Out 03/21/2016
A Caregiver’s Allies in the Work/Life Tug-of-War 03/14/2016
Marriages Strained When Couples Become Patient and Caregiver 03/07/2016
Stroke Resources Website Connects Caregivers With Support Services in Ontario 02/29/2016
The Caregiver's Bill of Rights 02/22/2016
Learning to Live with Heart Failure 02/16/2016
Dementia Friends – Raising Awareness and Offering Support 02/08/2016
Community support services make a crucial difference 02/01/2016
Letting Go After a Lifetime Together 01/25/2016
First-hand insights into what it’s like to live with a medical condition 01/19/2016
Supporting Employees Who Are Juggling Caregiving Responsibilities 01/12/2016
What We Covered in 2015 01/05/2016
Coping with Grief over the Holidays: Some Tips from an Expert 12/21/2015
Caregiver Exchange's Holiday Gift Guide 12/15/2015
The Caring Experience Project: Maciej Karpinski’s Story 12/07/2015
The Caring Experience Project: Donna's Story 11/30/2015
Every Voice Matters: Dec 3 is International Day of Persons with Disabilities 11/23/2015
CBC journalist hosting Nov 24 "Open Lines" caregiving forum 11/19/2015
More and More Caregivers Feeling the Strains of “Duty Creep” 11/17/2015
National Senior Safety Week: How to Prevent Falls 11/10/2015
Apps for Aphasia: Re-learning Speech & Re-gaining Confidence 11/03/2015
World Stroke Day: Resources for Caregivers in Ontario 10/27/2015
Canadian Patient Safety Week Coming Soon! 10/20/2015
Living a Healthy Life Workshop: Learning how to Self-Manage Chronic Conditions 10/13/2015
October is Health Literacy Month! 10/06/2015
Waterloo Wellington Celebrates Local Caregivers at Annual Heroes in the Home Award 09/29/2015
Family Respite Services (FRS) and RespiteServices.Com: Supporting Families with Special Needs Children 09/22/2015
The New Horizons for Seniors Program: Empowering Seniors (and Senior Caregivers) to Get Involved 09/15/2015
Josephine's Story 09/08/2015
A Caregiver’s Journey: Tips for Preparing for Respite Care 09/01/2015
A Caregiver’s Journey: Preparing for Respite Care 08/25/2015
Have Your Say on End-of-Life Options 08/18/2015
Weekly Roundup - From starting out to life after caregiving 08/14/2015
Elder 411 and Elder 911 – Apps That Put Information at your Fingertips 08/11/2015
Weekly Roundup - Relationships and coping tips 08/07/2015
Movies about caregiving 08/04/2015
Weekly Roundup - Fighting the good fight 07/31/2015
New Program Helps You “Bounce Back” From the Blues 07/28/2015
Weekly Roundup - Tips for mental health and work-life balance 07/24/2015
It Takes a Village: With Community Support, a Special Club Thrives 07/21/2015
Weekly Roundup - Need a smile or a laugh? 07/17/2015
The Power of Care Coordination - Advisor, Advocate, Coach 07/14/2015
Weekly Roundup - First-time feelings and long-term support 07/10/2015
Weekend Stay Programs 07/07/2015
Weekly Roundup - Something for everyone 07/03/2015
Cogniciti: New Online Memory Test a “Thermometer for the Mind” 06/30/2015
Weekly Roundup - Breathe, stretch, sing! 06/26/2015
Acclaim Health: Supporting Caregivers in Halton 06/22/2015
Weekly Roundup - Here's to the Dads 06/19/2015
"Care" - An Honest Look at Caregiving 06/16/2015
Weekly Roundup - Stretch, breathe, ask for help 06/12/2015
Government Commits to Expanding Supports for Caregivers 06/09/2015
Weekly Roundup - You've got this. 06/05/2015
Learning to cope with Parkinson’s 06/02/2015
Weekly Roundup - You'll Be Okay 05/29/2015
A Family Full of Heroes 05/25/2015
Weekly Roundup - Have your List of Three ready! 05/22/2015
CHATS — Advocating for Seniors and Caregivers in York Region and South Simcoe 05/19/2015
Weekly Roundup - What are your skills? 05/15/2015
How to Be a Friend to a Friend Who’s Sick 05/12/2015
Weekly Roundup - Get your mind right! 05/08/2015
Memory Clinics Support Caregivers, Too 05/05/2015
Weekly Roundup - Safety, support and anasognosia! 05/01/2015
Helping Caregivers in Thunder Bay 04/28/2015
Weekly Roundup - Truths, Tips and Tangos 04/24/2015
Small Moves, Big Impact 04/20/2015
Weekly Roundup - Planning and personalizing care 04/17/2015
Moving Caregivers Out of the Shadows and into the Circle 04/14/2015
Weekly Roundup - "Mind Reading" and more! 04/09/2015
National Family Caregiver Day 04/06/2015
Personalized Video Introduces Patient to Caregivers 03/31/2015
Weekly Roundup - Ideas, Information and Inspiration 03/26/2015
It’s Spring! And You Know What That Means… 03/23/2015
Weekly Roundup - Ideas, Information and Inspiration 03/19/2015
Friendly Visiting Program Can Help Caregivers, Too 03/16/2015
Weekly Roundup - Recommendations and reminders 03/12/2015
Nominate Your Caregiving Hero Today 03/10/2015
Weekly Roundup - Spring forward! 03/06/2015
Retirement 101 for Caregivers 03/03/2015
Weekly Roundup - You're the boss! 02/27/2015
The Power of Acceptance: Holly’s Story 02/23/2015
Weekly Roundup: Caregivers of all ages 02/20/2015
Taking a “Compassionate Care” Leave 02/17/2015
Weekly Roundup - Helping yourself, helping others 02/13/2015
Surviving Winter: Caregivers and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) 02/10/2015
Weekly Roundup - Information and Inspiration 02/06/2015
Top 10 Caregiver Tips 02/03/2015
Weekly Roundup - Manage your time, manage your life 01/30/2015
Robo-solutions for Caregivers 01/26/2015
Weekly Roundup - Exciting ideas 01/23/2015
Alive Inside: The Story of Music and Memory 01/20/2015
Weekly Roundup - Alzheimer's Awareness Month 01/16/2015
Finding Your Way 01/13/2015
Caregiver Tip: Reach out 01/09/2015
Caregiver Tip: Investigate 01/09/2015
Caregiver Tip: Make Your Home Safe 01/09/2015
Caregiver Tip: Time Is On Your Side 01/09/2015
Caregiver Tip: Keep Lists 01/09/2015
Caregiver Tip: Be Organized 01/09/2015
Caregiver Tip: Be Prepared 01/09/2015
Weekly Roundup - New Perspectives 01/09/2015
CareZone: An App for Family Caregivers 01/05/2015
Caregiver Tip: Keep everyone in the loop 01/01/2015
A Caregiver’s To-Do List for 2015 12/30/2014
Weekly Roundup - You did it! 12/24/2014
A Stress-Busting Caregiver Tip! 12/22/2014
Weekly Roundup - Heigh ho, heigh ho... 12/19/2014
Holiday Gift Guide 12/16/2014
Weekly Roundup - 'Tis the season... 12/12/2014
A Money-Saving Caregiver Tip! 12/09/2014
Weekly Roundup - Man and Machine 12/05/2014
Recovering from Stroke: A Caregiver’s Journey 12/02/2014
Weekly Roundup - Caring for seniors and each other! 11/28/2014
Caregiver Tips: What Works for You? 11/25/2014
Weekly Roundup - Innovation and Invisibility 11/21/2014
Cold weather safety tips for caregivers 11/18/2014
Weekly Roundup - Long-distance caring or moving in together? 11/14/2014
Celebrating Everyday Heroes 11/11/2014
Weekly Roundup - Finding support & avoiding burnout 11/07/2014
Grey Bruce Caregivers Recognized as Heroes in the Home 11/04/2014
Weekly Roundup - Caring for kids, caring for parents, and Alzheimer's news 10/31/2014
Making Hallowe’en a Treat for Kids with Special Needs 10/28/2014
Weekly Roundup - Fancy book learnin'! 10/24/2014
Respite for a Caregiver: Dee’s Story 10/21/2014
Weekly Roundup - They're rich, famous...and caregivers 10/17/2014
Creating Alternate Realities for Patients with Dementia 10/14/2014
Weekly Roundup - Giving thanks for caregivers and good mental health 10/10/2014
Room 217 - Caring for the whole person with music 10/06/2014
Weekly Roundup - Learning how to cope with the tough stuff 10/03/2014
The Power of Attorney Project 09/26/2014
Weekly Roundup - De-cluttering, caring for a parent, and more! 09/26/2014
Living with an Episodic Disability 09/23/2014
Weekly Roundup - Tips for navigating financial and social pitfalls 09/18/2014
A heroic narrative for death 09/16/2014
Weekly Roundup - Tips from people who've been there 09/12/2014
A conversation with Dr. Samir Sinha 09/10/2014
Weekly Roundup - Start the weekend off right! 09/04/2014
Heroes in the Home Event Comes to Central Toronto 09/02/2014
Weekly Roundup - Caregiver stories, and tips that can help 08/29/2014
Get Your Body (and Mind) Moving with the Physical Activity and Alzheimer’s Disease Toolkit 08/26/2014
Weekly Roundup - Different Approaches 08/21/2014
Focus on Caregivers in CMA Report 08/21/2014
Canadian Caregiver Coalition Speaks for Those Too Busy to Speak for Themselves 08/19/2014
Promenade - a walk down memory lane together 08/08/2014
Weekly Roundup - A breakthrough, a tough break, and a change in perspective 08/08/2014
LHINs Provide Care for Caregivers, Too 08/06/2014
Weekly Roundup - Helping you help yourselves! 07/31/2014
Part two of our interview with Nell Lake, author of The Caregivers: A Support Group’s Stories of Slow Loss, Courage, and Love 07/29/2014
Weekly Roundup - Stay home and stay cool 07/25/2014
Interview with Nell Lake, author of The Caregivers: A Support Group’s Stories of Slow Loss, Courage, and Love 07/22/2014
Weekly Roundup - Laugh a little and learn a lot 07/18/2014
Exploring the Legal Challenges of Caregiving 07/15/2014
Weekly Roundup - Keep safe and keep moving! 07/11/2014
Celebrating Heroes in the Home 07/08/2014
Weekly Roundup - Alzheimer's caregiving, a Caregiver Corps, and more! 07/04/2014
Young Carers Need Support Too 06/27/2014
Weekly Roundup - His brother's keeper, Casey Kasem's caregiving legacy and more... 06/27/2014
Billy Connolly’s Big Send Off: An Intimate Look at Death 06/24/2014
Weekly Roundup - De-stress, listen to others' stories, and take care of your own life 06/20/2014
A Guide to Balancing Work and Caregiving Obligations 06/16/2014
Weekly Roundup - Lessons learned, finding balance, and more! 06/13/2014
Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant? 06/11/2014
Weekly Roundup 06/06/2014
Creating a Dementia-Friendly Toronto 06/03/2014
Weekly Roundup 05/30/2014
North East LHIN Introduces Heroes in the Home 05/27/2014
Weekly Roundup 05/23/2014
Ontario's new caregiving resource 05/16/2014
Weekly Roundup 05/16/2014
A caregiving love story 05/13/2014
Weekly Roundup 05/08/2014
I don’t want to be a burden but . . . 05/07/2014
Weekly Roundup 05/02/2014
Therapy dogs bring love and affection wherever they go 05/01/2014
Weekly Roundup 04/25/2014
Death Cafés popping up across Ontario 04/22/2014
10 signs of caregiver stress 04/15/2014
Friday Roundup 04/11/2014
"Don't Forget Theatre Company" helps older adults stay creative 04/08/2014
Friday Roundup 04/04/2014
A chance for seniors to share stories 04/02/2014
Friday Roundup 03/28/2014
Using technology to preserve caregiving memories 03/26/2014
Friday Roundup 03/21/2014
Delivering groceries right to your door 03/18/2014
Friday Roundup 03/14/2014
Nutrition and exercise for older adults 03/11/2014
Friday Roundup 03/07/2014
Helpful free apps for caregivers 03/03/2014
Friday Roundup 02/28/2014
Taking care of your mental health 02/24/2014
Friday Roundup 02/21/2014
Tools to help improve brain health 02/18/2014
Friday Roundup 02/14/2014
A dream come true for St. Joseph’s Hospice 02/11/2014
Friday Roundup 02/07/2014
Tips for staying heart healthy 02/04/2014
Friday Roundup 01/31/2014
Communicating with Alzheimer's patients 01/27/2014
Friday Roundup 01/24/2014
New St. Joseph's Hospice home opens 01/21/2014
Friday Roundup 01/17/2014
Tax credits for caregivers 01/14/2014
Friday Roundup 01/10/2014
Cold weather safety tips for caregivers 01/07/2014
Happy New Year from 12/31/2013
Holiday gift ideas for caregivers: Part 2 12/23/2013
Friday Roundup 12/20/2013
How to organize a Share the Care™ group 12/17/2013
Friday Roundup 12/13/2013
Holiday gift ideas for caregivers: Part 1 12/10/2013
Friday Roundup 12/06/2013
Tips for being an effective caregiver: Part 2 12/02/2013
Friday Roundup 11/29/2013
Tips for being an effective caregiver: Part 1 11/26/2013
Friday Roundup 11/22/2013
Caregivers in the South West honoured as Heroes in the Home 11/19/2013
Friday Roundup 11/15/2013
Compassion Fatigue and its effects on caregivers 11/12/2013
Friday Roundup 11/08/2013
Speaking up about organ donation 11/05/2013
Friday Roundup 11/01/2013
Caregivers recognized at Stratford Heroes in the Home event 10/29/2013
Friday Roundup 10/25/2013
A taste of home at The Ronald McDonald House 10/21/2013
Friday Roundup 10/18/2013
Heroes in the Home honoured in Grey Bruce 10/15/2013
Friday Roundup 10/11/2013
Caregiver's Guide for Canadians 10/08/2013
Friday Roundup 10/04/2013
National Seniors Day 10/01/2013
Friday Roundup 09/27/2013
Saving money with the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) 09/24/2013
Friday Roundup 09/20/2013
Improving mental health among older adults 09/17/2013
Friday Roundup 09/13/2013
Helping older adults keep active and fit 09/10/2013
Friday Roundup 09/06/2013
Meals on Wheels helps get seniors from Point A to Point B 09/04/2013
Judith Thompson's newest play The Thrill questions a "life worth living" 08/26/2013
Friday Roundup 08/23/2013
Can Tweet chats improve health literacy? 08/20/2013
Friday Roundup 08/16/2013
Oxford county's only residential hospice: Sakura House 08/12/2013
Friday Roundup 08/09/2013
Delivering hope, independence and friendship with Meals on Wheels 08/06/2013
Friday Roundup 08/02/2013
Telephone support for caregivers and seniors 07/29/2013
Friday Roundup 07/26/2013
A world of library resources at your fingertips 07/22/2013
Friday Roundup 07/19/2013
Compassion and caring at Serenity House Hospice 07/17/2013
Friday Roundup 07/12/2013
The library delivered to your door 07/09/2013
Friday Roundup 07/05/2013
Feels like home at Sakura House Hospice 07/01/2013
Friday Roundup 06/28/2013
Facebook and Twitter for caregivers 06/24/2013
Friday Roundup 06/21/2013
Finding peace at Serenity House Hospice 06/18/2013
Friday Roundup 06/14/2013
Online forums for caregivers 06/11/2013
Friday Roundup 06/07/2013
Celebrate Seniors' Month in Ontario 06/04/2013
Friday Roundup 05/31/2013
Respite for caregivers at St Joseph's Hospice 05/28/2013
Friday Roundup 05/24/2013
When was the last time you had your photo taken? 05/20/2013
Friday Roundup 05/17/2013
Find support online with CancerChatCanada 05/14/2013
Friday Roundup 05/10/2013
The Savvy Senior Show 05/07/2013
Friday Roundup 05/03/2013
Coping with the loss of a loved one 04/30/2013
Friday Roundup 04/26/2013
Physiotherapy beneficial for seniors with mobility issues 04/23/2013
Friday Roundup 04/19/2013
Friday Roundup 04/12/2013
Friday Roundup 04/05/2013
Bust a Move for breast health 04/03/2013
Struggling with grocery shopping 03/27/2013
Friday Roundup 03/22/2013
Find a work-life-caregiving balance 03/20/2013
Friday Roundup 03/15/2013
Tech-savvy seniors embracing new ways to connect 03/13/2013
Friday Roundup 03/07/2013
Finding the words 03/06/2013
Friday Roundup 03/01/2013
Pathways to Wellness helps caregivers to cope 02/27/2013
Friday Roundup 02/22/2013
Violin found for a veteran at Parkwood Hospital 02/20/2013
Friday Roundup 02/15/2013
A Couple's Last Journey Together 02/12/2013
Friday Roundup 02/08/2013
Waverley Retirement Residence keeps active with YouTube 02/06/2013
Friday Roundup 02/01/2013
Dementia and the risk of elder abuse 01/30/2013
Friday Roundup 01/25/2013
Providing better care for seniors in Ontario 01/23/2013
Friday Roundup 01/18/2013
Community Agency Care Fair supports community caregivers 01/16/2013
Friday Roundup 01/11/2013
Soup's On in Stratford for Alzheimer's Awareness Month 01/08/2013
Friday Roundup 01/04/2013
Celebrating Heroes in the Home: Miriam Barry 12/31/2012
Caregiving during the holidays: Tips and Resources 12/24/2012
"Be a Santa to a Senior" program gives holiday cheer to local seniors 12/18/2012
Share The Care™ in the South West 12/12/2012
Celebrating outstanding care with Heroes in the Home 12/04/2012