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Practical Insights for Busy Caregivers

Don’t think of yourself as a caregiver? Neither did Kyle.


April 23, 2018, by Paul Cavanagh,

Like a lot of people, Kyle Schwartzentruber didn’t think of himself as a caregiver. It wasn’t until he was asked to provide technical support for a webcast of a family caregiver panel discussion hosted by that he realized that the stories the panelists were telling were much like his own.

“There were times during the panel when I was so absorbed in what the family caregivers were saying that I almost forgot to push some buttons I should be pushing,” he admits. “So much of what I was hearing applied to my situation with my dad.” Kyle’s dad has Parkinson’s disease.
Right after the event, he went home and told his mom, “You’ve got to listen to this,” showing her the recording of the webcast.
You may not think of yourself as a caregiver either. But if you look after someone with a health condition, there’s a good chance the caregiving videos we’ve posted on will resonate with you. You can even listen to the panel discussion that had such an impact on Kyle.