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Practical Insights for Busy Caregivers

Dementia Dialogue: learning hard-earned lessons from caregivers who’ve gone before you


June 11, 2018, by Paul Cavanagh,

In our Caregiving Videos section, we feature clips from interviews we did with experienced family caregivers. Among the topics covered is “Looking after someone with dementia.”
For a deeper dive into this topic, listen to Susan Bithrey talk about her experiences with her husband Reg. It’s one of a series of podcasts you’ll find on a website called Dementia Dialogue.
“In talking with Susan,” says series host David Harvey, “I was struck by her ability to reframe experiences in her life as Reg’s condition progressed so that mistakes she felt she made became lessons learned and strengths found, where many of us might see weakness.”
An important resource in Susan and Reg’s journey was the local Alzheimer Society in Thunder Bay. To find out what programs are offered by the local Alzheimer Society in your part of Ontario, use our Find Services tool and look under Support for Caregivers. To give you a sense of what information you can expect to find, here’s the listing for Alzheimer Society – Thunder Bay and District.