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Practical Insights for Busy Caregivers

Family caregiving pearls of wisdom


April 17, 2018, by Paul Cavanagh,

A new feature just launched on allows anyone looking after a family member with a health condition to quickly listen to pearls of wisdom from a variety of people who’ve already been through the experience themselves.
Visitors to the site can now watch video clips – many running a minute or less – on a variety of different themes that emerged in interviews we conducted with six experienced family caregivers and two service providers. 
For instance, selecting the theme Adjusting to changes in family relationships takes you to a page where five different people we interviewed offer their perspectives. Here are a few quotes from the video clips:
  • "So, I’m playing all these roles. And some of them are protective, and some of them are more like aggressive and assertive – try to get the care she needs." - Cheryl, caregiver
  • "While Gord was living at home, my children became parents in some ways." - Louise Milligan, caregiver
  • "Before she even moved here, we made the decision to sit down as a family unit" - Nanette Lloyd, caregiver
  • "They’re thinking, ‘I’m going to be the caregiver,’ and not thinking about being the husband, the wife, the daughter, the son, the cousin, the friend" - Kristina McLaughlin, care coordinator
You can watch as many or as few of the video clips as you like.
Scrolling further down the page allows you to access articles we’ve posted during the past couple of years on the same theme.
If you’d like to watch something more in-depth, you can still access the panel discussion we held with three experienced family caregivers, which we webcasted on April 3, Family Caregiver Day.