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“We're going back into the closet”: LGBTQ seniors wary of being “out” in long-term care facilities


August 20, 2018, by

According to a report on CBC News, “LGBTQ seniors who were part of the long battle against discrimination and who've been ‘out’ for years are now worried they'll have to hide their sexual orientation as they face the need to move into long-term care facilities.”

“Gay seniors say they face a hard choice – hide who they are or deal with discriminatory backlash.”

This feature, which originally aired on The National, includes interviews with LGBTQ seniors about their fears of going into long-term care.

One of the people interviewed, Brian Hobbs, a retired public servant, runs seminars for staff and volunteers at long-term care facilities about how to treat LGBT seniors. Hobbs says, “People sometimes say to us 'OK, so what do you gays want?' And what we want is to be treated with the same dignity and respect and kindness that is accorded to everybody else. Nothing more than that, but nothing less.”

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