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Practical Insights for Busy Caregivers


"I didn't know where to go."

It's a common situation for family caregivers to find themselves in. gives them a place to turn. It offers them fresh, helpful insights each week. And it provides a powerful, built-in search tool they can use to find relevant support services in communities across Ontario.


"It opened up a world I wasn't aware of..."

Health care providers can help family caregivers by pointing them to the site as early as possible in their journeys. One quick and easy way to do this is to hand out postcards, available for FREE



CaregiverExchange is a mini-site of, a partnership between Information Network (a non-profit organization) and the Local Health Integration Networks - Home and Community Care - of Ontario. is coordinated by Paul Cavanagh, who’s been both a family caregiver and occupational therapist. He’s worked in health care, education, and government. He’s also an award-winning writer.