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Practical Insights for Busy Caregivers

Even helping in a small way can make a big difference

The South West Community Care Access Centre annually recognizes caregivers, both paid and unpaid, at their Heroes in the Home events. In 2015, they began their events by sharing the following 4-minute TED video to make the point that sometimes it’s seemingly unheroic acts that are especially appreciated.

The takeaway message is that, even if you help someone out it in a small way – picking up prescriptions, making an occasional social call, or chasing down information – your act of kindness matters.

A life lesson from a volunteer firefighter

Here are a few ideas about how you can provide support someone who is a caregiver:

  • Offer practical help, such as helping out with the groceries, gardening or chores.
  • Take the caregiver out for dinner or offer to cook dinner for them. Their family routines may have changed, so sitting down for a meal together connects everyone again.
  • Share some jokes. Laughter is important. Or give a gift, such as a card, flowers or gift certificate, to show them you care. Just picking up the phone to talk can make a world of difference.

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