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Mental health – There’s an app for that


February 4, 2019, by

Far too many people in need of mental health services don’t receive them. For instance, a recent study reported that only 13 out every 100 Canadians with depression receive treatment. 
Artificial intelligence has begun to play a role in addressing this deficit. There's now an AI-based app that can monitor someone’s mood and teach them coping skills when they are showing signs of depression. 
How do these kind of apps work? Are they as good as a live therapist? How well do they protect the privacy of the people using them? Are some better than others?
These are some of the questions addressed by a panel of experts on a recent episode of The Agenda with Steve Paikin on TVO. The episode includes a brief demonstration of Woebot, an artificially-intelligent chatbot developed at Stanford University that uses cognitive behavioural therapy principles.
Whether you’re supporting someone with mental health issues or you're experiencing strains on your own mental health from being a family caregiver, this discussion should be of interest to you.

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